BR@TT Rules

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BR@TT RV Camp Rules

  • Absolutely no trespassing on neighbor's property.
  • Campsites must always be kept tidy and trash must be in containers to prevent spread. Dumpsters provided near entrance.
  • Fold out canopies and umbrellas may be used for shade, but tarps are not allowed.
  • No clotheslines or hanging wet clothes outside of camper.
  • Speed limit is 7mph - speeding will not be tolerated.
  • Only electric or gas-powered golf carts - no ATVs or side by sides. Please stay on designated drives.
  • Alocohol is allowed but must be 21 years or older to drink on property. Please bring aluminum cans.
  • Young children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Primary renter is responsible for seeing that all guests follow campsite rules.
  • Only 1 RV per site.
  • No tent camping - some exceptions allowed so please call to discuss.
  • Any auto or boat trailers that do not fit on campsite may be parked in overflow parking at no extra charge.
  • No parking on roads or grass.
  • Primary renter will be held responsible for any damages to property and clean up charges if campsite is left a mess - this includes cigarette butts.
  • While there is no vehicle age requirement, all RVs should be well-kept and in good condition.
  • All campers must have only factory equipment and be in good working order. Older RVs may require pictures before renting a site.
  • RVs cannot have any water or sewer leaks and repairs cannot be made on property.
  • RVs must be inspected and have current registration.
  • No aggressive breed of dogs are allowed on the campground under any circumstance. BR@TT Camp reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pets at its own discretion.
  • Pets are to remain on leash any time outside of RV.
  • Pet can never be tied up and left unattended. Barking dogs will not be tolerated.
  • Pet waste must be disposed of immediately.
Quiet Time:
  • Quiet time hours are between 10PM and 8AM on weeknights. 11PM to 8AM on Friday and Saturday. 11PM to 8AM on Sunday when Monday is a holiday.
  • Loud profanity, arguing, fighting or any behavior deemed threatening or abusive will not be tolerated. Guests will be required to leave immediately or law enforcement will be called. No exceptions
  • Do not walk across other campsites.
  • No controversial flags or banners displayed in campground
  • Swim at your own risk. BR@TT RV Camp has no actual swimming area and there is no lifeguard. BR@TT is not responsible in any way for swimmers once they have entered the river. Be warned that the river channel is only around 6-10 feet out and drops off immedieatly to 15 feet deep.
  • Boats may beach and tie off at our bank, but the owners are fully responsible for damage to their property. There is overflow parking available for boats and trailers at no charge.
  • While BR@TT Camp cannot enforce rules on the river, our expectations are the same as on campground property. Inconsiderate behavior to our nieghbors and friends will be cause for barring form future camping at BR@TT.
BR@TT RV Camp reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at it's own discrection without explanation.